FRW is a young company that operates in the automotive electronics sector for prototypes and motorsport, our feature is to enclose in a single structure all the skills and professionalism to be able to completely follow the customer in the design, development, installation, commissioning point and support during the race of everything related to the electronics and the electrical part of a modern car, with the complexities that the integration of the different subsystems entail.
Specifically, our work starts from the selection and definition with the customer of the components that you want to use to get what is required, the design and construction of the entire electrical component of the car (wiring, dedicated modules for specific functions if not already on the market) , installation in the car and subsequent tuning, in the case of racing cars we also offer our support service during the competitive activity for the analysis of data acquisition and tuning of chassis and suspensions in addition to driver training.
We have a staff with the experience and the ability to manage several projects at the same time. Over the years we have been involved in the development, supply of materials and assistance not only during the races, in particular some of our projects are:

  • Tourism (3 different TCR projects)
  • Rally (An official RGT car)
  • RX
  • Sport Prototypes (Wolf CN2, Thunder and Tornado)
  • Road Prototypes
  • Drifting

In addition to these projects in the last 5 years we have made and followed dozens of cars for single or private teams, from road cars modified to cars engaged in the most disparate categories (track championships, time attack, rally, drifting) both in local and continental championships .